What is SimuLyve (or is it simulive?) and How to Use it to Improve Your Next Virtual Meeting

SimuLyve® or simulive? It’s SimuLyve® (the generic word is simulive). SimuLyve International™ is the company that trademarked SimuLyve®. It is the company that made SimuLyve famous and in popular use. It is the first and only company to fully embrace the concept of SimuLyve®, to develop and expand its technological reach, to name its entire organization after SimuLyve® technology and to use SimuLyve® to improve virtual meetings around the world for the last 44 years.

So what is SimuLyve? SimuLyve is the concept of creating stunning professional pre-recorded presentations, editing them so that they are exceptionally engaging, streaming the edited SimuLyve videos to a live audience, then merging that experience with Q&A from the live audience. That’s SimuLyve®.

It’s the best of both worlds. Pre-recorded so that it’s accurate and interesting, but streamed live, with live Q&A, so that it’s engaging. Pre-recording, contrary to the myth, doesn’t make virtual meetings less engaging, it’s the opposite. It makes them more engaging, because the content is more engaging. It’s really that simple. Content is king. If your content is death by PowerPoint, a tiny talking head in the corner of the screen reading slides bullet by bullet, nobody will like it and nobody will listen to it. But if it’s SimuLyve, your audience will be engaged.

See for yourself, compare the typical webcast you have attended to how a Simulyve® Meeting is produced. The difference is staggering. Compare the typical webcast you have attended to a SimuLyve® Panel Discussion. Again, the difference is exceptionally clear: SimuLyve is engaging because the content is well produced. And it’s engaging because its streamed live to a virtual audience that can then ask questions, live.

The point of this article isn’t about using SimuLyve international, Inc. or not. Of course, we’d love to help you. But the broader point is that we are committed to changing the way the world meets virtually. We can’t keep meeting like we typically meet during a regular webcast, because it creates the dreaded Zoom fatigue, which isn’t caused by Zoom, it’s caused by unwatchable content being shown through Zoom. In contrast SimuLyve technology will forever change your virtual meetings.

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It’s Not Webcasting, It’s SimuLyve®

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