What Does it Mean to SimuLyve a Virtual Meeting (or is it simulive)?

It means to combine live and pre-recorded elements so as to create an incredibly impactful, successful and interactive virtual experience.

How do we SimuLyve®? First, we professionally record then edit all of your presenters and their presentations. Our recording techniques aren’t merely a zoom recording, we’re a full service video production house, and Cannes winning medical filmmaking company producing professional video recordings for pharmaceuticals and other verticals that are equal in quality to broadcast news.

Once recorded, we then stream your presentations to a LIVE virtual audience who can interact fully with the presenters who are online. That’s Simulyve®. We’re proud to be the inventors of the Simulyve® technique. Don’t accept imitations. We are the only company in the world with the trademarked name SimuLyve®.

To see an example of well produced SimuLyve® meetings, visit SimuLyve.com or our SimuLyve YouTube channel. The first thing you’ll notice is that our websites are filled with video examples of what we do. Like test driving a car, that’s the only way you can experience and judge a product.

From investigator meetings and clinical trial training for pharmaceutical companies to ad boards and sales and marketing meetings, It’s Not Webcasting, It’s SimuLyve™

So is it SimuLyve or simulive? It’s SimuLyve® with a Y for ‘Your Best Meeting You’ll Ever Experience.

Experience the Difference.

Contact Sales@SimuLyve.com to start a project and learn more.

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